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A workaholic research physician specializing in infectious diseases, Muller is most at home in her epidemiology lab and has neither the time nor the desire for a serious romantic relationship.

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But she begins to reconsider when she meets Jack Ryan. Cathy Muller first meets Jack Ryan at her father's birthday party.

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She doesn't get to know him very well because he's whisked away by a helicopter. Cathy works at Washington Memorial Hospital and specializes in infectious diseases. She is visited by Jack and gives him her number. The two of them go out on a date and after she invites him back to her place. Cathy investigates an Ebola strain that she thought had been eradicated. She is taken to talk with CIA officials after having sent an e-mail to her superiors about the strain. This is when she learns that Jack isn't just an ordinary analyst but works for the CIA.

She gets mad at him because he lied to her.

(PDF Download) Muller's Lab Read Online - video dailymotion

Boehringer Ingelheim Pharmaceuticals, Inc. My Chart. Donate Today. For Physicians.

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Cancer Moonshots. Florian Muller, Ph. Principal Investigator.

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Jump To:. Areas of Research Targeted Therapy Research. Muller presented proof-of-principal data for one example of this strategy, where glioma cells with passenger deletion of the glycolytic enzyme, ENO1 are selectively sensitive to inhibition to its redundant homologue, ENO2.

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Since then, Dr. During this work, they discovered that a natural product antibiotic of unknown mode of action termed SF, is a highly potent, nM-affinity inhibitor of Enolase and demonstrated that SF shows strong selective toxicity towards ENO1-deleted glioma cells. Then Dr.

Hermann Joseph Muller

However, both SF and HEX are negatively charged phosphonate inhibitors with limited cell permeability. To improve permeability and efficacy the team is investigating various pro-drugging approaches. The most advanced Enolase inhibitor so far, POMHEX, is a pivoxyl esters of HEX which shows strong selective toxicity against ENO1-deleted glioma cells in vitro and displays anti-neoplastic activity in pre-clinical intracranial orthotopic tumor models. Research Grants Funded Principal Investigator, 2.

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