Manual Sowing

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  1. What is Direct Seeding or Direct Sowing?
  2. Soil Preparation
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Once the field is ploughed, the topsoil is quite loose. There is a strong possibility that strong winds or rain will wash away the topsoil. The soil then needs to be levelled again to ensure its strong foundation.

This levelling of soil is done with an implement called the leveller, which is a heavy wooden or iron plank. Levelling of the field also helps in uniform distribution of water during irrigation. This is the final step of soil preparation.

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To increase the fertility of the soil, we add manure to the soil even before we begin sowing the seeds. We add the manure before we plough the field, so it gets properly incorporated into the soil.

What is Direct Seeding or Direct Sowing?

Learn more about Manure and Fertilizers here in detail. This is the second step in crop production. Once the soil preparation is done, it is now time to sow the seeds. Sowing is the actual process of planting the seeds in the soil. The seeds that are sown have to be selected very carefully and have to of high quality. Sowing seeds is essentially the most important part of crop production. It is necessary to focus on even the smallest details.

Soil Preparation

The following precautions should be taken when sowing seeds,. In containers we can simply sieve grit to cover seeds. Sow a small number of seeds per pot. These are covered with compost, firmed gently, labelled and watered. Pots should then be placed somewhere warm, but away from direct sun and kept moist. There is a slightly different approach to be taken when sowing in seedbeds. This means scattering the right number of seeds over an area of the seedbed. It takes many years to determine exactly how many seeds to sow to obtain the best density of seedlings for best growth.

If you are only sowing over a small area, aim for something like mm between each seed depending on size — the bigger the seed, the bigger the distance. Firm the soil with a roller or board this ensures the seeds are in good contact with the soil and cover with more soil or, preferably, horticultural grit to the required depth. Skip to primary navigation Skip to main content.

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Seeds to Sow Now | Sarah Raven

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