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ESF Networking Program 'OPTPDE'

  1. Optimization with Pde Constraints
  2. Optimization with PDE Constraints (OPTPDE)
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The appropriate mathematical treatment of PDE constrained optimization problems requires the integrated use of advanced methodologies from the theory of optimization and optimal control in a functional analytic setting, the theory of PDEs as well as the development and implementation of powerful algorithmic tools from numerical mathematics and scientific computing. Experience has clearly shown that the design of efficient and reliable numerical solution methods requires a fundamental understanding of the subtle interplay between optimization in function spaces and numerical discretization techniques which can only be achieved by a close cooperation between researchers from the above mentioned fields.

Optimization with Pde Constraints

Having this in mind, the proposed project has two equally important goals. The first one is the creation of a network of leading European and US research teams in the area of PDE constrained optimization and its applications to provide an improved theoretical understanding of the basic principles and to develop, analyze and implement efficient and reliable numerical solution techniques.

The second one is to make these tools accessible to those industries where there is an increasing need for advanced optimization methods that lead to a significantly better operational behavior of existing devices and systems as well as to the development of new, innovative products.

Herewith, the project participants would like to give a valuable contribution to the scientific progress, the improvement of industrial processes, the welfare and development of the nations and to the education of its people. Hilary A.

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Optimization with PDE Constraints (OPTPDE)

Presents the development, analysis and application of new, innovative mathematical techniques for the solution of constrained optimization problems Covers important applications in automotive and aerospace industries and chemical processing as well as applications in emerging technologies in materials and life sciences Develops and implements efficient and reliable numerical solution techniques see more benefits. Buy eBook. Buy Hardcover.

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About this book This book on PDE Constrained Optimization contains contributions on the mathematical analysis and numerical solution of constrained optimal control and optimization problems where a partial differential equation PDE or a system of PDEs appears as an essential part of the constraints. Show all.

Stephan Volkwein: POD a-posteriori error estimation for PDE constrained optimization

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