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Learning outcomes

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Welfare in New Zealand

Whyte, I. Melbourne: Berry Street. Zimmerman, M. Be the first to write a review. About this product Product Information This book provides an exploration of the social policies and practices of the Blair and Brown-led Labour governments in relation to families, children and young people in the United Kingdom. Although t a commentary solely on the policies of New Labour, the book examines Labour's 'Third Way', by widening out the debate to consider family welfare policies in the context of the European Union, globalization and international policy groups such as UNICEF.

While there has been considerable improvement in the lives of many children and young people during this period, there have also been many headlines about abuse and failures of the care system. Moreover, the UK is still below the average in terms of child poverty within Europe, and the well-being of children and young people is of concern. The author has taken a rigorous look at policy developments during this period focusing on key areas such as: Health and well-beingChild PovertyRisks, rights and responsibilitiesYoung people being 'a risk' and 'at risk'Youth homelessnessLooked after children Parents, Children, Young People and the State provides an accessible analysis of this key area for students, lecturers, researchers and policy makers with an interest in the well-being of children and young people w and in the future.

Additional Product Features Author s. Show more Show less. New New. See all 6. No ratings or reviews yet. Best-selling in Non-Fiction Books See all. Outline of the Book. London : National Children's Bureau. Adam , E. Adams , C. Chichester : Wiley. Adcock , M. Horwath ed.

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Welfare in New Zealand - Wikipedia

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Timeline: a history of child protection

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